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Algae Growth on Your Home Can Be Harmful

There are several different types of Algae. However, a microorganism often referred to as “blue-green algae” is actually a type of harmful bacteria called, cyanobacteria.
Cyanobacteria are inconspicuous year-round inhabitants of freshwater bodies; only making themselves known when they undergo a growth spurt of an abnormal population.
This growth spurt is called a bloom; A bloom of Cyanobacteria produces the visible green “algae” residue that appears on the side of homes.

The factors leading to a bloom are believed to include: exposure to sunlight, warm temperatures, cloudy water; and an enriched supply of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen. Too much nitrogen and phosphorus allow bacteria to grow quicker than ecosystems can handle. According to the EPA: “Nitrogen is the most abundant element in the air we breathe. Nitrogen and phosphorus facilitate the growth of this cyanobacteria.

algae or harmful Bacteria?

It is important to note that abundant cyanobacteria “algae”  growth can be harmful to humans because it produces elevated toxins that are released in the air we breathe. This bacteria can even make people sick if they come into contact with it. If your home is showing signs of this type of “algae”  growth – do not try power washing, as it only washes off stains without killing the bacteria. National SoftWash’s cleaning method contains a safe solution designed to eliminate any bacteria harming your home.

Softwash is the preferred method for removing cyanobacteria “algae” from your home’s siding. Instead of high-pressure water, we apply a safe and biodegradable cleaning solution to your siding. Our solution safely and efficiently breaks down the bacteria living on your siding.

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