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Aurora Home Concrete Cleaning Makes Sidewalk Sparkle

Recently, National SoftWash cleaned the stains off of the front walk on this Aurora home – making the front sidewalk look brand new. The homeowner reached out to us to clean the stains off the front sidewalk and porch of their property. We quickly provided an estimate to bring their sidewalk back to its previous beauty with our gentle and safe soft washing service. Our team of dedicated professionals quickly got to work and after just a few hours of cleaning the sidewalks – they were sparkling.

These sidewalks could have been power-washed clean, but that would only blast away the grime and it likely would return within a few months.  The National SoftWash process treats the exterior surface ensuring it looks new for years to come.

The before and after photos we took really show the effectiveness of our soft washing service. The homeowners couldn’t be happier now that their guests will no longer be greeted by grime at their front entrance.




National SoftWash provides free estimates and inspections of exterior surfaces on both residential and commercial properties. Our dedicated professionals will examine your surfaces to ensure our estimate includes any stains that may be from harmful bacteria as well as any other areas of concern.  Thus providing you with a  complete and competitive estimate.

National SoftWash’s cleaning method is a safe cleaning solution engineered to eliminate any bacteria that may be harming the exterior of your home or business.  We provide exterior cleaning treatments that combat stains or harmful bacteria to improve the look of your exterior surfaces and prevent any further damage from occurring.

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