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Concrete Cleaning Service National SoftWash Makes Front Porch Shine

Recently, National SoftWash cleaned and eliminated the algae stains off the concrete surfaces of a residential home. The sidewalk and porch look brand new.

Our customer reached out to us saying how difficult it was to get rid of these unattractive stains on their sidewalk and porch. We quickly provided a fair estimate to bring their concrete surfaces back to their former glory using our soft washing service. Our dedicated cleaning crew resolved the issue after an hour of cleaning the algae-ridden surfaces.

The before and after photos we took of the concrete surfaces are spectacular. These homeowners will no longer worry about making a bad impression on visitors walking up to their home.  Consider how much money you spend each year on mulch to improve the appearance of your yard. It probably costs more than it does to make your concrete surfaces look as good as new. National SoftWash concrete cleaning service includes a 5-year warranty and is the only proven method that kills the bacteria causing algae growth.


National SoftWash provides free estimates that cover a full inspection of your property and any other specific areas you are concerned about. Our expert staff members look for vegetation that could contain harmful bacteria and pose a threat to your home’s value. We gather photos of the problematic areas in need of cleaning and email you a competitive estimate.

On the day of your scheduled service, our professionals will need entry to a water source. Make sure to be home, so they can access the water with your full consent. Pets are to be kept inside during the cleaning process for safety reasons. After the cleaning, it is safe for pets and animals to go near the treated area, as the solution cannot harm them.

If you have concrete surfaces stained with algae or other bacteria, do not power wash them. This will only cause it to return next year after you have blasted it off. National SoftWash’s method is safe and contains a solution that will kill the bacteria damaging your property’s value.

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