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How Softwash Can Restore Your Home’s Beauty

Your home protects your family from the weather elements, but it’s time to give your home a refresh and bring it back to life. Remove the green, black or brown stains from the siding or other exterior surfaces of your home that’s dulling the look of its exterior with the help of National Softwash.

The outside of your home can become a habitat for microorganisms. These microorganisms are a type of harmful bacteria called cyanobacteria. They are year-round inconspicuous inhabitants of freshwater bodies, you can really only tell when they go through a growth spurt called a bloom. The bloom produces visible green “algae” residue that will appear on the side of homes and other exterior surfaces. Blooms can be caused by exposure to sunlight, warm temperatures, cloudy water, and an enriched supply of phosphorus and nitrogen in the air; none of these factors which we can control. What we can control is how dirty we let the exterior of homes get.

By softwashing away the microorganisms and bacteria, your once dull and dirty home can become clean and bacteria-free again.

How National Softwash Can Help Your Home

It’s important that you don’t try power washing the bacteria off of your home, it will only wash off stains, without killing the bacteria. The National Softwash cleaning method contains a safe solution designed to eliminate any bacteria harming your home.

Softwash is the recommended way to rid your siding of bacteria. We apply a safe and biodegradable cleaning solution to your siding, and the solution safely and efficiently breaks down the bacteria living on your siding.

Not only does National Softwash specialize in siding cleaning, but if you have bacteria and stains on your deck or fence, driveway or sidewalks, or playground equipment, National Softwash can also help remove the dull stains from any exterior surface.

National Softwash’s cleaning method contains a safe solution designed to eliminate any bacteria harming your home, removing it in a safe and effective way. Contact us today or complete our form below to receive a free softwashing estimate on your home, or schedule your softwash appointment.