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National Softwash Inc. Participates in Volunteer Month

A few months ago, the National Softwash team participated in Volunteer Month at the C.W Avery Family YMCA in Plainfield. While volunteers mulched and landscaped the YMCA grounds, assembled camp bags and first aid kits, painting picnic benches, and more, our team cleaned tents and picnic tables to help gear up for summer camp at the Y.

It was great to donate our time, talent and supplies to give back to the community and help kids enjoy summer! We always look forward to giving back to our local community and we always love working with other community members do great and valuable work.

We look forward to volunteering in other community events, and we’re happy we could give back to the Plainfield community and help the YMCA prepare for summer.

About National Softwash

While National Softwash works with businesses and nonprofits to clean exterior surfaces like gutters, soffits, sidewalks, and more, the National Softwash team also works with homeowners to bring their decks, porches, fences, siding and more back to life. Our team uses a special low-pressure water flow with a 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe cleaning solution engineered to remove any trace of bacteria or dirt from the outside of your home. Our completely safe method cleans and treats the exterior surface of your home to make it shine.

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