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National Softwash Brings the Shine Back to a Plainfield Home 

As summer is coming to an end, road crews are finishing up repaving neighborhood streets and major roads, we’re realizing how dirty our buildings and homes are.

Recently, we worked with a homeowner in a Plainfield subdivision to revamp their house and clean the dirt and grime off of the siding and trim. With a few hours of work done on the house, the house looks good as new and is sparkling from the side of the street.







About the Softwash Process

National Softwash provides free estimates that cover the inspection of your property and any other specific areas you are concerned about. Our team of experts will look for bacteria and other harmful visitors that are posing a threat to your home’s value. Our team will compile photos of the noted problem areas that are in need of cleaning and email you a competitive estimate.

On your scheduled service day, our team will need access to a water source, and we request that you are home at the time of your appointment. We do ask that pets be kept inside during the cleaning process, and after the cleaning, it’s safe for the pets to go near the treated area, as the solution will not harm them. It is important to remember that if you have concrete surfaces that are stained with dirty, algae, or other bacteria, do not power wash them; this will only cause it to return next year. National Softwash’s method is safe and contains a solution that will kill the bacteria damaging your property’s value.

If your Plainfield home needs a proper exterior cleaning, give us a call today at (630) 730-6707 or fill out our online contact form below to receive a free soft washing estimate on your home or business.