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National Softwash Refreshes the Plainfield Village Hall

The National Softwash team recently completed a job at the Plainfield Village Hall, our softwash process was used to clean the outside of Plainfield’s Village Hall. The results are incredible, what was once a dirty building is now a clean building thanks to our team.

Plainfield town officials reached out to us about cleaning the building to wash away the dirt, grime, and discoloration. Our team was quick to provide a fair estimate to and our dedicated cleaning team restored the building in a couple of hours.

The soft wash process has made a world of difference, and now the Village Hall is ready to host a concert series and movie series in Settler’s Park during the summer, along with meetings with village officials and more.

About the Softwash Process

If you notice your home or business has ugly greenish and unsightly stains on any surface, our Softwash process will clean the outside of your gutters, soffits, fascia, window trim, sidewalks, and porches. National Softwash has you covered with getting those ugly stains off of your house.

National Softwash’s cleaning method is to use special low-pressure water flow with a 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe cleaning solution engineered to remove any trace of bacteria from the outside of your home. Our process cleans and treats the exterior surface which makes your entire home shine.

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