Lisle is known as “The Arboretum Village” because of the prairie-like grassland and vast amount of trees throughout the area. The Village of Lisle was founded in 1832 by a Quaker settler, Lisle started as a farming community known as DuPage, which later became the name of the county that is known today. Lisle is 25-miles from Chicago making it an ideal village for commuters working downtown. With a population of about 23,000 residents, Lisle continues to attract Illinois residents looking for a smaller town with a great selection of housing options. Lisles quaint downtown area features unique walkways that welcome all residents as they pass by local antique shops and restaurants. The village has been ranked as one of the best places to live for wealthy singles by Money Magazine.

About National SoftWash

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National SoftWash’s low-pressure water flow method of cleaning. We integrate biodegradable chemicals into this water flow to kill all of the bacteria posing a threat to your property’s value. Take the initiative to restore your property’s real value by contacting National SoftWash, Chicagoland’s most trusted exterior cleaner.