Located 30 miles southwest of Chicago, Lockport is a city in Will County along the Illinois and Michigan Canal, the city was once the headquarters of the canal when the canal was operating. Lockport is one of the best-preserved canal sites in existence today. Dubbed as “the city that made Chicago famous”, Lockport was instrumental in the state’s successful growth, due to the Illinois and Michigan Canal, which was a revolutionary development that linked the Great Lakes to the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Not only was the canal important to the development of the city of Chicago, but also to the economic development of the Midwest, allowing the city of Lockport to expand. As a growing city perfect for families and businesses, Lockport remains full of early Illinois history, with the Gaylord building still standing. As a landmark since 1838, the building is a gateway to the I&M Canal National Heritage Corridor, the building features the heritage of the region in exhibition galleries. Lockport embodies a sense of community for residents and holds a lot of Illinois history behind it.

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