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Safe & Effective Exterior Cleaning Solutions

National SoftWash’s free estimate includes a complete inspection of your property and areas you would like cleaned. Our professional soft wash team will alert you to any items or vegetation that should be covered or removed from the area before we begin. We will take photos of the areas that need to be cleaned and we will then provide you with an estimate of services for your review.

Upon scheduling your service, our team will need access to a water source and we ask that you stay inside your home during treatment. We also ask that you keep pets inside. Our solution is safe for pets and animals after treatment is completed.

We will then soft wash the designated areas, and photograph the completed areas. We will notify you of completion.

Immediately following treatment, we recommend watering your plants and lawn for at least 20 minutes each day during the following week. This will help ensure the prevention of potential brown areas developing or plant damage.

Trustworthy, reliable, and verifiable employees

Your comfort and safety and safety is a top priority of National SoftWash. All our employees receive background checks through and our customers receive the certified background check approval. Additionally, all our employees display badges, and you will be notified of who is coming to your home. That way you know who to expect before we arrive.

Effective Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash

Soft Washing is safe, effective and a smart way to renew and refresh your home or business. Pressure washing can be destructive and can damage the surface you are trying to clean. Soft Wash just makes sense because it kills at the root micro-organisms that might be living on your exterior.  Power washing only blasts away what’s on the surface, leaving behind the potential for the quick return of algae, mold and other growth.

Top 10 Benefits of Soft Washing:

  •  Improved Curb Appeal
  •  Maintain Home Value
  •  Improve Your Roof’s Life
  •  Potentially Decrease Energy Costs
  •  Cheaper Than Replacing – Roof/Fence/Deck/etc.
  •  Roof Manufacturer Improved & Encouraged
  •  Health & Wellbeing Advantages
  •  Limited Warranty
  •  100% Biodegradable
  •  Eco-Friendly & Safe