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Plainfield Roof Cleaning Yields Amazing Results


National SoftWash recently cleaned the algae and grime off a roof in Plainfield and the results are stunning.

Our homeowners contacted us complaining that black streaks were covering their roof. After providing a competitive estimate to restore the roof to its original state with our soft washing service, our crew of qualified professionals spent just a few hours washing the discolored shingles.

As you can see by the drone photos we took of the home before and after, the results are amazing. Our homeowners can now enjoy their backyard pool all summer long while not having to stare at a stained roof.

If you spend money each year to improve your home’s landscaping, you probably spend more money than it costs to make your roof look brand new. National SoftWash roofing cleaning service comes complete with a 5-year warranty and is the only method of cleaning recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association!

About the SoftWash Process

National SoftWash offers free estimates that include a complete inspection of your property and areas you would like cleaned. Our professional soft wash team alerts you of vegetation that needs covered or moved before they begin. We then take photos of the areas that need to be cleaned and provide you with an emailed estimate for your review.

After scheduling service, our team will need access to a water source and we ask that you stay inside your home during treatment. We also ask that you keep pets inside. Our solution is safe for pets and animals after treatment is completed.

We will then soft wash the designated areas, and photograph the completed areas. Following treatment, we recommend watering your plants and lawn for at least 20 minutes each day for one week.

If your roof or siding is covered in green, brown or black stains, power washing will only blast it away, and it will likely return next year. The National SoftWash safe and efficient solution actually kills what’s living on your house and will normally stop that growth for several years.

To receive a free soft washing estimate for your home or business, call us at(630) 730-6707 or complete our online contact form below.