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Get Your Home Ready to Sell with National Softwash

We know it takes a lot of work to get your house ready to sell, there’s a lot to be done on the outside and inside. With our help, we can make your home look like new again on the outside. Our exterior cleaning services can make your home look like new again.

We recently completed a softwashing project in Libertyville for a home that’s ready to go on the market. Our crews cleaned the cedar shakes, stone and Dryvit exterior, paver patio and the wood deck of this massive home, so the residents would have one less thing to do. By removing the bacteria, dirt, and dust from these surfaces, you can improve the life of your home tremendously. By leaving dirty spots on your home and your exterior surfaces, you’re inviting bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and prematurely deteriorate your exterior.

Let National Softwash Get Your Home Ready To Sell

The best way to clean your home from bacteria is soft washing. Our simple softwash process removes stains, such as mold, mildew, and algae by combining a unique low-pressure water flow with a biodegradable chemical. Our work not only fights the stains but also restores the image of the home and protects it from any other damage that could further develop. Our softwash solution is great for house siding, roofs, playground equipment, decks, driveways and sidewalks, the best part of our solution is that it’s completely safe.

When scheduling your softwashing appointment with us, please make sure our team has access to a water source, and that someone is home the day of the appointment. Our National Softwash team also asks that residents and pets stay inside of the home until the treatment is completed for their safety. After looking over your home, the selected areas will be softwashed and photographed.

Schedule your softwashing appointment today, and check this task off of your to-do list. Fill out our contact form below or give us a call today!