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Decking and fencing are wonderful additions to any home. Fencing can create a private boundary with the neighbors and add character to your garden, and decking is a beautiful rustic addition that is warm and inviting on those summer evenings. Therefore, because both areas bring such joy, you no doubt want to ensure they are looking their best all through the year. At National SoftWash our Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL can help with doing just that as our skilled and reliable team specializes in soft washing fencing, decking, composite fencing, and more. We keep each area spotlessly clean, stain-free, and without marks or residues all year round. Our washing services truly brighten up your home, and with our affordable rates, you will see what a fantastic investment it is.

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It can feel frustrating when your fence panels start to discolor. It leaves them looking dull and, in turn, your garden dull also. Unfortunately, with fencing being outside all year, the staining and discoloration can’t be helped, but it can be cleaned. Before you pay excess money replacing your boards to get the original sparkle back in your garden, give us a call at National SoftWash for Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL. Allow us to clean up your boards, restoring their former look, and instantly improving your garden.

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It is understandable if you feel wary about having your decking cleaned. After all, decking is not cheap, and the last thing you want is having to deal with a repair or replacement bill because the cleaning has ruined the deck. However, our decking cleaning is guaranteed to be absolutely safe. National SoftWash uses eco-friendly cleaning detergents and low-pressure soft washing to give you unbelievable results and at no risk to your decking. You can have complete trust that National SoftWash will thoroughly clean your decking with zero hassle or damage.

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Restore your property with Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL

Our Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to restore your fences and decks to their original brilliance. Our cleaning techniques involve using soft washing to delicately and gently clean away all the dirt, grime, algae, and other natural things that accumulate on your fencing or decking. These build-ups leave your fencing or decking looking stained, dull, or old, and you may be left feeling like the areas are ruined or need replacing.  However, our zero damage, zero pressure, completely effective cleaning service is all you need. Our cleaning is affordable, risk-free, stress-free, and yields the most fantastic results for your property. Our company comes highly recommended by all of our loyal customers as they have experienced the same brilliant and expert service that you will also receive at your home. There’s no need to worry about a thing when you have qualified workers on your side who will always take care of your home. National SoftWash offers Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL, Batavia, Lombard, Elmhurst, Carol Stream, Geneva, and the surrounding areas.

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Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL Company

I was hesitant about the deck getting washed. But every time I go out there I am impressed with the outcome. It was also hard to believe the difference the siding and walkway look after being washed. They are so bright and beautiful. Thank you!

- John M

Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL Services

We were totally impressed of how they cleaned the house and made our gutters look white again. They spent a lot of time cleaning our deck and made it look like new. We are very pleased by their service and will recommend them. It was a pleasure working with the young men. Thanks!

- Sandy J

Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL Business

My deck was power washed earlier this week. WOW is all I can say. They left it looking brand new. It had so much dirt and grime built up on it I wasn't sure they would be able to effectively clean. Awesome job!!!!

- Susan G

Frequently Asked Questions about Fence and Deck Washing in Elmhurst IL

Besides the aesthetically pleasing look of clean and grime-free decking or fencing, a professional clean with soft washing also helps the materials stay more durable and stronger for longer.

We wash your decking and fencing using soft washing. This soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method that ensures the surface of the wood is kept safe and free from damage. In addition to this, all the cleaning agents we use are 100% safe as well.

It is generally up to you as to how often you want yours cleaning or even how often they need cleaning; however, an average of twice a year is a good amount to keep your fencing or decking in great condition.

We price the work we do based on the size and type of job involved. In order to get an accurate price for your requirements, give us a call and we will send you a free comprehensive quote. Our quotes guarantee the best prices and never have any hidden costs.

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